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sees and can experience the content- whatever it may be – over and over again and again from different points of view.

Because of this immersive quality, M-ERSE will eventually obviate television. Once exposed to M-ERSE productions, consumers will no longer be satisfied with television presentations. Movies, as we now know them, will be re-invented. Theater will be re-imagined and sports viewing will be experienced as never before.

In the clip you have just seen the fighting robots can be seen in four places at the same time from entirely different angles – all in real time. Though we have shown four different points of view, representing four different M-ERSErs, in reality, millions of viewers could be watching this boxing match, each from their own point of view.

Again, we have chosen boxing for its simplicity and because it is content that people are currently willing to pay for. But any conceivable event – a rock or classical concert, a play, a surgical procedure (objects and people can be seen from as close as 6 inches and as far away as sixty feet), training materials, fashion shows.

M-ERSE is the first new medium of the 21st century. It is, as the expression goes, a game changer, and viewing over the Internet for entertainment and education will never be the same after its introduction. M-ERSE will be a key component of hundreds of fields of enterprise (M-ERSE Pervasiveness)

“M-ERSE Is Being There”.

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