The Immersive Experience That Transports Users To Remote Destinations Where They Can Interact In Real-Time.

INOE Technologies LLC


“M-ERSE Is Being There.”

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M-ERSE is, like radio and television before it, an entirely new medium based on completely new technology.  Its key characteristics is the interactivity it provides in allowing the user/viewer (M-ERSEr) to manipulate his own views as opposed to having them chosen for him.

This control makes M-ERSE an active experience as opposed to a passive one like 3D.  An M-ERSEr sees a scene and can place himself anywhere within the scene, observing the action from any point of view or angle that he selects thus creating a 4D experience. In addition the experience is further enhanced by M-ERSE’s real time presentation in high-definition and surround sound.

M-ERSE is accessed via the Internet whereon the medium is built. It can also be accessed via smart phone and any other device that provides Internet service.  For a 2D example of how M-ERSE would work click on the video below:

Just like any of the other major media (radio, TV, motion pictures), any content can be captured using M-ERSE technology – entertainment, sports, drama etc. However, with M-ERSE, the M-ERSEr is M-ERSEd in what he More...